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Reimagining how real estate assets are traded, built and operated through technology innovation.

Technology introduces both sizable risk and opportunity to operators and asset owners. Owners & Operators will flourish or be left behind based on the use of technology. Flow and Form is a team of world class engineers and product leaders with years of experience in both real estate and technology.

We act as a bridge between real estate professionals and technologist in an effort to help accelerate the value creation of bringing advanced technology to the real estate industry. Flow & Form works in a service capacity for investors, operators, technology companies and service companies to innovate in the built environment.

Our Work

Powerful Real Estate Sensors

The VergeSense platform creates a sphere of intelligence within properties to unlock the data-driven office and a more productive workplace.

Real estate is the second largest cost for most companies. VergeSense analytics help you anticipate your current and future workplace needs and decide where and when to reduce or increase your office space.

Together, we built a visual dashboard representing actionable metrics for real estate customers.

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Connecting People & Property

LeaseUp connects commercial real estate brokers with clients in a collaborative online platform.

No more paper trails. No more PDFs. No more PowerPoints. Fast, simple, and seamless, helping brokers connect clients with spaces they love, faster.

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Workspace experience platform powering tens of millions of square feet

Lane is the first technology platform to bring the whole workplace ecosystem together at any office building.

From maintenance alerts to tenant handbooks, everything lives on one platform. You get your time back, and your tenants get a seamless, functional passport to everything their office has to offer. The Lane App is fully customizable.

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Workspace optimization saving millions of dollars

Utilized by fortune 500 clients saving millions across office portfolios.

Business units continually ask for more space, yet we know 51% of desks go underutilized at any one time. Serraview’s space planning data about your organization and your utilization of space to pinpoint opportunities for cost-savings.

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W Hotels: Luxury Lifestyle with beautiful design

W Hotels now operates in over 50 locations and is growing as part of Marriott International. We have worked on a strategy and design of their hotel stores and digital rebranding, starting with W Doha. W Hotels have introduced the new strategy and design across all of their content.

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Life made easier for Lenders and Appraisers

Regorra is transforming the residential appraisal process with a fully automated, all-in-one appraisal platform for mortgage lenders and appraisers. Through modern technology, Reggora provides lenders and appraisers with a transparent two-sided appraisal platform that automates manual processes. From automatic order allocation to comprehensive quality control, freeing up time and decreasing costs for both parties.

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Real Estate AI Research

Bonumic’s mission is to advance the real estate industry by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We welcome real estate experts and scientists in the field of AI to contribute to the project with their ideas and knowledge.

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Our Services


Helping you navigate these times of change. We can help bridge the gap between technology and real estate professionals, focusing on ROI and driving real results.

Software Development

Building mobile and web applications that solve challenging problems. Full life cycle software development from idea to launch.

Machine Learning

Helping organizations take advantage of ML, AI and BI to leapfrog existing solutions in the real estate sector.

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